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How I learned to write without shame or discipline

Eleanor Davis — Resolutions

On the literature of motherhood

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5 resources that get you published

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1. Duotrope

I have a Ph.D. in English and I’m only now learning how to read with “a writer’s eyes”

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One hour after the fact. Am I nauseous? I think I’m nauseous.

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How to write through the dry spells

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Find the time, energy, and focus to jumpstart start your daily habit

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How things went wrong, and how I fixed it

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“Put simply, the morning pages are three pages of longhand writing, strictly stream-of-consciousness…. They might also, more ingloriously, be called brain dump, since that is one of their main functions.”

What writing did for me, and why I’m afraid of losing it

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I know how much it cost me to get here, and now that I’ve arrived, I don’t ever want to leave.


Writer | English PhD | Reflecting on writing, motherhood, contemporary reads, and undocumented stories

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